Buying a Cook County Home During the Holidays


Picture1If you’ve been searching for a home, you may have some reservations about dealing with such an investment during the holiday season. Concerns are understandable, especially as we get busy with celebrations and that winter weather will soon be here. But before you decide to wait until later, take some time to consider the benefits of buying a home as the year comes to a close; you could be in your new home before New Year’s after all.

Sellers are often more motivated to get their listing off the market during the holidays, and they would prefer to get their property sold, which can allow for better buyer negotiation results. Motivated sellers are more likely to accept contingencies they may not normally want to agree upon, such as including all the appliances in a sale. Seller motivation can also lead to lower sale prices as a way to up the appeal of their property.

Chances are you’ll have less competition with other buyers when searching for a home during the holidays. Fewer buyers means the lower likelihood of a bidding war on a home; you may even be able to make a lower offer which is still appealing to a motivated seller. Less competition will also give you a better advantage towards finding the best home for your needs and lifestyle.

Picture2There’s also a better potential for a quicker closing as the year comes to a close. Lenders, title companies, and agents all want to finish their property transactions before January, so year-end closings can be included in their annual sales figures. As a buyer when closing before the end of December, you can still get the tax benefits for the year. This isn’t to say there’ll be any cutting corners, it just means everyone involved is more likely to do what they can to make the process a smooth one for everyone involved; you can aid in this by having your finances, credit and paperwork all in order too.

An extra side benefit to buying a home at this time is that you can take advantage of all the holiday sales for home products and services. This will help save more out-of-pocket expenses after you move in. Just be sure to not go shopping for new furniture or other major expenses until after you close so you don’t impact your mortgage loan negatively.

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