Curb Winter Blues with Landscape Ideas

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Curb Winter Blues with Landscape Ideas for your Cook County Home

1Are you hoping to avoid the winter blues? There is no reason why your Cook County home can’t still look fantastic (especially to prospective buyers) during the winter months. With a few of these quick tips your home can stay inviting and welcoming even on snowier and colder of winter days to come.

Cheer up your fences with some bright paint- Have you considered going bold and painting your fence with a bright color? Winter is the perfect time to do so! Not only will painting your fence line increase your home’s curb appeal, but adding some blue, green or the more daring purple, will brighten up your yard during dark and dreary winter months.

2Flowers are not just for spring – Planting some gorgeous winter-proof flowering plants is another great way to bring life to your garden, and color too! Perennials such as Astilbe, or winter bearing plants such as Red Chokeberry add vibrant shades to an otherwise bland landscape. Find more information about winter gardens in Illinois through the Gardner’s Corner of University of Illinois. Asking one of our wonderful local nurseries for suggestions on winter flowering plants is the best way to ensure your garden selection will last the winter.

3Lights are glorious – Adding extra outdoor lighting during the winter months is a practical way of keeping those long, dark nights from being so gloomy. Lighting up landscapes with spot lights is a great idea. A metal lantern with a battery-operated LED light inside is another easy and fun option. Brighter lights around your deck and yard also encourages you to use your outdoor space more even when it’s colder.

A few more ideas for cheering up your home during the winter season can be found at HGTV’s article, Ways to brighten a winter landscape. When preparing to sell, or buy a home, working with an experienced Realtor® you can trust, makes the process easy and enjoyable. My team and I are ready to put our expertise to work for you. Learn more at our website,, then contact the Driscoll Properties Team at 847-533-6786 to help you discover the home of your dreams


Photo 2 attribution- By Tirtha Arpandip  (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons