Holiday Décor Can Help or Hinder Your Home Selling

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Holiday Décor Can Help or Hinder Your Home Selling Efforts


1Now that autumn is here, the holidays will soon be in full swing. Homes up and down neighborhood streets will be decorated. From Halloween scenes, to Christmas Nativities, and everything in between, holiday decorations will bring plenty of color to the season. If you are ready to list your home at this time, holiday decorations, and what you do with them, is something worth considering.

Too much holiday décor could actually put a damper on potential buyer impressions. But there are a variety of ways you can add some holiday cheer without going overboard. In fact, some types of decorations can help improve your home’s curb appeal, encouraging potential buyers to come inside and see what makes your home such a unique property.

The key is to enhance what makes your home such a wonderful place to be during the holiday season. With so many holidays being celebrated at this time of year, by a wide range of different cultures and spiritual groups, when you home is on the market, it is advisable to refrain from using holiday specific decorations; instead focus on autumn and winter seasonal themes to make your home cozy and welcoming.

2Exterior lights can be added to not only provide a holiday feeling, but more lighting will brighten up your home during the shorter days of winter. Today you can easily find led lighting for your porch and walkways. Forego installing a large light-up snowman, or blow-up Santa in your yard. Opt instead for elegant rope LED lighting around a few trees and along hedgerows, stairs or railings.

Your front porch is an ideal place to add a bit of festive décor, and create a welcoming atmosphere. Place winter squash varieties within a wooden crate lined with hay, add in some silk flowers in fall colors and you have a simple display for the season. Keep a centerpiece basket of silk or dried flowers on a plant stand for another splash of color. A wreath on the door is an easy way to welcome visitors, and can be changed readily as the holidays continue. Start with a wreath of fall leaves, and end with one made from holly and pine cones.

While it’s important to keep to your own holiday traditions, when selling your home at this time of year, keeping the décor simple and understated inside as 3well, will help potential buyers see your home and what it has to offer, with greater ease. Hanging a few garlands is great, as is putting up a small Christmas tree if you are so inclined. Adding some potted Poinsettia is a quick and easy way to bring some holiday color to your home. Decorating every room is not recommended, just a few areas with a bit of holiday cheer will keep potential buyers from feeling overwhelmed as they view your home.

Check out this article from HGTV for more holiday decorating tips while selling your home. When preparing to sell, or buy a home, working with an experienced Realtor® who knows the region, gives you a local resource to rely on throughout the process. My team and I are ready to put our expertise to work for you. Learn more at our website,, then contact the Driscoll Properties Team at 847-533-6786 to help you discover the home of your dreams