Home is Where Our Pets Are

Real Estate

Recently, the National Association of Realtors® released the results of an intriguing survey, about our love of pets. The survey report, Animal House: Remodeling Impact, highlighted just how many of us love our pets, and to the great lengths we will go to ensure their comfort and happiness. With pet popularity at an all-time high, the survey reported that 61% of American households either already have a pet, or will have one soon.

When it comes to the real estate market, both home sellers and buyers are impacted by their pets. Other big results from the Animal House report show that 89% of the respondents would choose their pet over housing restrictions when it comes to moving into a new place. 81% said that when it comes to finding a place to live, their pet plays a big part in the final decision of where to move; and 52% of the respondents actually renovated their home to accommodate a pet.

D2If you have updated your home for your pet and are planning to sell your property, now, it is more likely your project will help, rather than hinder the sale of your house. With the vast number of people who put their pets at the top of the priority list when buying a home, highlighting your pet friendly features may attract additional potential buyers.

It has long been standard practice to stage your home to appear as pet-free as possible. While it is important to make any needed repairs, deep clean, and work on removing any lingering pet odors, it is no longer as important to hide the fact that your house is also home to pets. If you have added a dog-run to your yard, note it as a special extra on your listing. It is still best to remove pets for home viewings, but it’s also no longer a detriment if buyers see a new pet bed near the fireplace, or a dog door leading to the back yard.

D3Quick Cat Owner Tip: If you have a cat, you know the routine of ‘Let me in and let me out’, from behind any closed door. For those who prefer to sleep with the bedroom door closed, this can cause a lot of lost sleep!  One clever solution is to install a cat door within your bedroom door. Kitty can enjoy her nocturnal roaming around the house and you can more sleep! An even better benefit is that this can lessen cat scratching damage too!

Pet-owning home buyers need to be aware of any restrictions which may impact their pets before making an offer on a house. If the property you are interested in is part of an HOA (Home Owner’s Association), be sure to inquire about any rules against specific types of pets, if yours is on the list, your search will need to continue.

D4When you are viewing homes, be sure to look for pet friendly features, such as a securely fenced yard, well ventilated rooms (for the litter box), and storage space for pet supplies. If your pet does play a big part in deciding where you want to live, be sure to inform your Realtor® as well. Knowing this important preference will help them in the search for suitable properties.

Americans love their pets, as part of the family, home is where our pets are. Our pets have a big impact on where and how we live, and we prefer it that way. When it comes to helping my clients, I aim to make a positive impact towards all their real estate needs. When you are ready to sell, or buy a home, you want to work with a Realtor® who cares, and is ready to put their expertise to work for you. Learn more at our website, DriscollProperty.com, then contact the Driscoll Properties Team at 847-533-6786 to help you discover the home of your dreams