How To make your December Open House a Success



How To make your December Open House a Success in Cook County


1The holidays are a busy time for anyone without the added stress of selling your home. Hosting an open house during the month of December need not be stressful. We discussed decorating tips for selling your home during the holidays previously, now here are some great tips to make your holiday season open house a success.

Weather Worries- We all know how winter in Cook County can be frightful, and your open house is not exempt from these concerns. While a few flurries on the day of an open house might set the ambiance, a blizzard only creates a dangerous situation. Watching the weather and rescheduling an open house in advanced is the best back up plan to follow should a storm occur. Nothing is more uninviting then having to trudge through a foot of snow just to get in the door. Even if it is not snowing your big day, be sure to shovel and de-ice pathways and driveways if needed. Safety first is exceptionally important for your winter open house.

2Decorating Decisions- Choosing how to decorate and stage a home for an open house is tricky. It comes down to a fine balance of not too much and not too little. Having some decorations up is good, and creates an inviting atmosphere for potential buyers. However, having too many decorations can cause buyers to not be able to picture themselves living in your home, and can deter a sale. Likewise, having valuable or sentimental Christmas decorations out may only be cause for disaster when tiny hands visit your home. Child proofing your Christmas décor is a good idea when your planning an open house.

3Bright Lights- An open house at this time of year should be well-lit, as winter months can be dreary with fewer hours of daylight. Making sure your home is brightly lit up is extremely important during these dark months. Turning on interior lights during the day time is a small but helpful tip to make your home shine. The same can be done with exterior lighting. Adding walk way lights will not only enhance the beauty of your property, but also help with safety

4Home baked Goods & other seasonal scents- Now is the time to go the extra mile and bake home made cookies and serve warm mugs of hot chocolate. You can extend a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere by simmering cinnamon sticks and sliced oranges with cranberries in a crock pot; or have a scented candle on the heart. Potential Buyers will love the festive smells and a cozy greeting. Making them feel at home can help them envision living in your home, and peak their interest in exploring more.

With these steps, hosting a holiday open house can be successful and stress free! More great ideas can be found by reading 7 Mistakes to Avoid With a Winter Open House and 8 Tips for Holding an Open House During the Holidays. When preparing to sell, or buy a home, working with an experienced Realtor® who knows the region, gives you a local resource to rely on throughout the process. My team and I are ready to put our expertise to work for you. Learn more at our website,, then contact the Driscoll Properties Team at 847-533- 6786 to help you discover the home of your dreams.