Make Moving During the Holidays Easier

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1If you’re among those squeezing a move in with all your holiday plans, this time year will be more hectic than normal. Putting some quick and easy tips to use can help make the process easier. Listed below are some tips and ‘life hacks’ worth checking out.

Moving Checklist & Calendar. Even if your moving in the next few weeks a checklist and calendar are two of the best tools you can use. A good moving checklist will help keep you organized, and a calendar will help keep you on track.

Holiday Card Address Update. Get two steps done in one by including a change of address moving announcement with your holiday cards. When you mail them off complete your postal change as well to ensure mail is forwarded to your new home.

2Reduce, Reuse Recycle. Skip buying new boxes and use what you have on hand, including storage bins, suitcases, duffel bags and any left-over gift boxes you may receive. Move less by clearing out the things you no longer need before you get to your new home. Instead of packing paper or bubble wrap, protect valuables in blankets and towels.

Pack with Purpose. If you’ll be in your new home before the holidays are over and you want to still enjoy a festive atmosphere pack your holiday decorations last, so they’re readily accessible. Have everyone in the family pack a “Moving Day” box of essentials and personal items (and extra chargers too!)  they’ll want right away. Include a family box with dishes and utensils for each member, and a quick fix dinner such as canned soup, with a pot to use; a meal in a flash after a long day will be appreciated!

Color Coded Labeling & Indexing. As you pack make a list of the contents in each box, numbering each box its own list, creating an index for finding things as you need them or are ready to unpack a certain room. Use a different colored label for each room; this will make sorting that much quicker.

3Handy Hardware Box. Before moving day set up a handy hardware box of the basics, hammer and nails, picture hooks, pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers and batteries. As you unpack you can easily hang photos and tighten up loose screws without having go on the hunt for supplies. Take it a step further and pack cleaning supplies too, moving can be a messy job, the easier it is to clean up the sooner you can enjoy your new home.

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