Older Vs Newer, Which Type of Home is for You?


1When planning to buy a home there are a lot of questions to ask yourself before you begin your search. One key question is whether an older or newer home is the right way to go. The answer will ultimately depend on you and your needs as well personal preferences. If you’re not sure which one is better, asking yourself some other questions can help you figure it out.

Older vs newer homes can come down to a cost difference in terms of which is the better choice. First ask yourself just how much home can you afford? Alongside this question is, how much upkeep and maintenance can you afford?

2With a newer house you’re more likely to pay more at the time of purchase, especially in today’s market where new homes come with a variety of energy efficient features and smart-enabled amenities. This higher cost can be balanced out however with the greater likelihood you won’t have to deal with a lot of repairs over the first several years you live in your new home.

In an older home you may have more monthly expenditures to deal with on average, but these properties often come with a lower price tag. Understanding your overall living expenses budget and how much you want to deal with or not deal with home maintenance can have a significant impact in which type of home is better suited for you.

3With all things being equal in terms of budget, you may want to consider the aesthetic differences between an older and newer home. Ask yourself what type of home would you enjoy more? Is there a particular style you’ve been drawn to? 

An older, craftsman era home may be what you’ve been dreaming of. These homes are some of the best constructed houses you can find. While there may need to be some work in updating this type of home, chances are your investment will be a solid one.  If you prefer classic styles over modern ones, you’ll probably find what you want in an older home.

4On the other hand, if you love the look and feel of all new features, the latest in kitchen and bathroom design, perfectly polished wood floors or plenty of closet space in every room, a newer home is likely to be the better choice. If you’re ready to move in and want to avoid potential ‘extra prep’ work such as painting, a newer home could be the answer.  

An older home vs newer home really is about personal preference. Where we choose to live is such an important decision to make, knowing which type of home you prefer is worth the time to consider before you begin search for a home.

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