Preparing to List Your Cook County Home


1If you’re planning to sell your home, you’ll have more success if you prepare your property before listing it. You may already have planned to move extra furniture into storage and have appointments set for deep cleaning the interior and clearing up your landscaping. These are vital steps to be sure, but there are other steps to take which shouldn’t be missed as well.

While a deep clean is great, if there are repairs left to be made by the time you list, you could be faced with more offer negotiations than you want to deal with. It’s better to have your home in tip-top condition before it goes onto the market. 

Take the time to check all rooms, windows, doors and fixtures. Check inside and out around your home. If a screen has a rip, fix it or replace it. If a siding is damaged, get the section taken care of. Worn out door handles should be replaced as should be any missing fence slats. Taking care of all the small repairs now will help sell your home faster, as there will fewer negotiation factors to deal with. 

If you have pets, be sure to focus on getting stains and pet smells removed. The majority of Americans may love pets, but no one wants to buy a home and to have to deal with the previous owner’s pet issues. Keep pet supplies and toys minimal, same as with other personal items, too much stuff overwhelms viewers.

Plan to take Fido with you when potential buyers are viewing your home. If you must leave Fluffy at home, give her a quiet secluded space to stay such as a closet or spare room and have your Realtor® let the buyer and their agent know there’s a cat at home.

2Consider marketing your home to Millennials. This is the largest home-buying demographic of the decade. By highlighting home features which Millennials are looking for, you are likely to attract interest from a larger pool of potential buyers.

To generate Millennial interest in your property, take top-quality digital photos, utilize social media sites to post the process of your home sale, regular posts will gain a bigger following and have the greater potential for being shared more. If you have any smart upgrades or energy efficient improvements in your home, highlight these amenities.

Above all else when it comes to preparing your property for listing, find and hire a Realtor® you connect with. The residential real estate market is full of complex processes and legal steps to work through which can easily overwhelm anyone. A Realtor® is your partner in selling your home. Let them help you and alleviate the stress of this big transition in your life.

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