Should You Have a Home Maintenance Inspection


Should You Have a Home Maintenance Inspection on Your Cook County Home?

 1Think of a home maintenance inspection like a health checkup for your home. These inspections are much like one you’d have when you buy or sell your home, but unlike these inspections, homeowners can choose to have a maintenance inspection done with no plan to leave their home. Maintenance inspections are done to determine the health of an occupied home, so that an inspector can pinpoint any issues that might need addressing in the near future.

When you opt to have a home maintenance inspection performed, a licensed inspector will check the walls, roof, heating and air conditioning systems, electricity, and plumbing systems for any red flags that might hint at an issue forming. Even if you don’t notice any problems with your home, a maintenance inspection can catch a budding problem before it becomes a costly situation. 

An unbiased inspector will walk through your home, take a close look at all of your systems, and explain to you what he discovered. Most of the time, an inspector will give you a better explanation as to what’s wrong and what it might cost than a repair company who stands to make money off of “serious” issues may. Because an inspector makes money for performing an inspection, not on repairs, they have no reason to blow repair needs out of proportion.

2A home maintenance inspection should be performed on an occupied home every three to five years, unless the homeowner notices a problem. If something doesn’t look right, it should be inspected as soon as possible. Inspections typically cost between $200 and $400, and if this is only done every few years, it can save a homeowner a great deal of repair costs if something is noticed early on.

Home maintenance inspection is helpful in ensuring your peace of mind as a homeowner. If you’re aware of your home’s health, you’ll know if repairs are needed, rather than sitting on a question until it becomes a serious and costly issue. For more information about home maintenance inspections, there is a helpful article to read here.

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