Should You Replace Your Roof Before You List?

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1If you are planning to sell your home, one of the most asked questions you will hear from potential buyers is, “How old is the roof?” As one of the biggest single expenses in a home, a new roof is not something to be taken lightly. But, before you decide to replace your roof, you should check for signs to see if this step is necessary. Depending on the age and material used, a few small repairs and updates could have your current roof ready to go for several more years.

To help determine if you need a new roof or not, Good Housekeeping Magazine has a great checklist of questions to consider, a great starting point before you call a roofing contractor. The first thing to note is the actual age of your roof.  If it is on the plus side of 25 years, chances are it is time for a replacement.

It can also be beneficial to look at your roof from the interior. A peak into your attic or crawl space can tell you if you have a problem at hand. Signs of leaking will mean at the least repair work is needed. Also, if you can see sunlight coming in, this is a sign of a serious issue, to be looked into right away.

2There are signs of age and stress which can show in your roof shingles too. If you see cracked or peeling shingles, or have some missing, it may be more cost effective to replace your roof now, instead of patching it up. A roof with various repairs over time can signal a weekend structure; and potential buyers could be turned away at the sight of mismatched roof tiles.

Roofs today are vastly different from just 25 years ago. There is a great variety of material, and more options are available including better weather resistant shingles, and even ones which keep moss and algae at bay. If it is time to install a new roof, you will not only have an excellent selling feature to include in your listing but are likely to get a higher return on your investment too. According to the latest Cost vs Value report by Remodeling Magazine, new roofs in our region see an average of 58.3% ROI.

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