Staging Your Cook County Home to Sell in Autumn

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 1To get the best benefit from staging your home, keep the season in mind as you prepare and set up each room for viewing. Autumn is an excellent time to work with the season to create a sense of welcome and comfort through staging techniques, allowing potential buyers to imagine living in your house.

Lighting is one the most important aspects to remember when staging your home. To get the full impact of staging your home during the fall and into winter, brighten up dark corners with additional lamps, update your exterior lighting and consider adding lights along walkways. This will create a great focal point to draw the eye to your door, establishing a welcoming atmosphere.

When it comes home staging décor, the key is to go modest. In the fall, a simple door wreath or small basket arrangement is plenty to “welcome’ the season into your home. Accent pieces like throw pillows vases and lamps should be within a similar color scheme with a focus on just one or two shades; too much in clashing or vibrant colors can be distracting.  A small amount of seasonal decor can be used to provide a touch of elegance and charm without overwhelming.

Speaking of color, when staging your home in autumn, consider using seasonal colors to your advantage. While neutral tones are best, there’s a broader range of what’s acceptable as a neutral shade. You can still use the basics such as white, gray and tan, but softer shades of green, blue and yellow add a sense of warmth and charm to rooms.

2If you have a fireplace, take full advantage of it when staging your home in the cooler, darker months. Have a fire lit during showings, add a few seasonal decorative pieces to the mantle and stage an activity nearby. A reading nook with books and blanket in a chair for example, or a puzzle ready to be put together.

Add another sense of welcome to the atmosphere with a simmering potpourri of natural items, In the fall, many of us look forward to hot apple cider or mulled wine. The scents of cinnamon and spices, or freshly backed pumpkin bread evoke a sense of comfort when the weather is chilly, making your home memorable for great reason.

You want your home to stay a clean as possible once it’s staged, so keep the weather in mind when showing your property. Have a new, durable welcome mat at each entry point, and if space allows, set up a shoe and coat station by the door or on your front porch, and keep a canister or bin handy for wet umbrellas.

Find more inspiration toward staging in autumn with the HGTV Photo Gallery and get ready to set the stage and sell your home. Whether you are selling or buying a home, you want it to be a stress-free and easy process. With a local, experienced Realtor® you can sell or buy with confidence. You can rely on  The Driscoll Properties Team, we’re ready to help you from beginning to end. Learn more at our website,, then contact the Driscoll Properties Team at 847-533-6786 to help you discover the home of your dreams.