What You Should Leave Behind When Selling


 What You Should Leave Behind When Selling Your Cook County Home


1When a buyer makes an offer on your property, they may ask for certain items to be included in the sale, and you may have specific things you want to keep. As part of the negotiation process, these should be listed and agreed upon before closing the deal. As a seller, you should be aware however, that there are certain features within a home which are considered a part of the property and should be left behind.

The “short list” of items includes: 

1-    If it’s attached to your house, on the interior or exterior; or in the ground, it’s considered a fixture of the property and is included with the sale. Examples include: faucets, light switches, door knockers, built-in benches and permanent firepits.

2-    Leave the landscaping. All vegetation and garden plants are considered part of the property and should be left alone. Have a special plant you really want to take? Be sure to include this in your listing and confirm at the time of negotiation.

3-    Lighting fixtures may be able to be removed technically, but they’re considered a part of the property and should be left behind.

4-    Window fixtures such as installed blinds, shutters and curtain rods are also part of the real property which is your home. You can take the curtains, or leave them, as they readily come off the rods, but the rods and brackets themselves should stay.

2There can be a gray area as to what can be considered personal property or part of real property, if in doubt, ask your Realtor®, and if you really want to keep that something special which has been a part of your home, include it in your contract as you negotiate with the buyer. Perhaps they’ll be willing to part with it or work out a deal to compensate for the item being taken. The last thing you want is to remove something which was assumed would stay, and then be faced with a deal going south for a lack of communication. This is where the experience of your Realtor® can pay off, to help you determine the best approach for these items which may or may not be able to come with you when you move.

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