Why Craftsman Style Homes are Still Around


1When it comes to architectural styles of homes, some things have long held true, especially in terms of quality construction. Craftsman style homes which became popular across the nation in the early part of the 20th Century, are a perfect example of what it means to have a well-built house. The structural integrity and beauty of these homes are still enjoyed today, 100 years later; and you can still find Craftsman elements in newer homes of today.

Craftsman homes originally offered an alternative to the ornate, luxury style of Victorina era homes. While these were homes marketed to the masses, and often at a lower price, Craftsman homes focused on local materials being used to hand-craft houses with the finest in architectural craftsmanship. This is where the name of this type of home comes from. With support and promotion by artisans such as Gustav Stickley, famous for his simple and beautifully functional furniture, Craftsman Style homes were well-made from the ground up.

But what exactly makes a Craftsman home? Certain key features were included in these houses, which were designed and provided to home builders and artisans through home plans to use in magazines such as Stickley’s own known as The Craftsman. True Craftsman style homes will include:


·       2Low-Pitched roofs which extend out past the exterior walls

·       Exposed beams and rafters inside and outside

·      Artisanal brackets and lintels

·      Thick-columned, spacious porches

·       Wood siding, often with stone or stucco accents

·       Solid wood trim around windows and doors inside

·       Built-in cabinetry, bookshelves and window seats

·       Box-beam ceilings

·      A prominent hearth fireplace


3Craftsman style homes were so well-made, most of these homes are not only still around, they have increased in value to the point that in many areas these homes are at the top end of the price range for listings. People want and deserve a well-made home. Current home builders have responded to this by returning in many ways back to Craftsman style features for inspiration in their new home constructions.

If you’re on the hunt for a Craftsman style home, you’ll be sure to get a home which can stand the test of time and provide plenty of unique character. If you currently own an older Craftsman style house, keep the original architecture in mind when considering any future updates. Many buyers prefer these homes to be as close to the original as possible; their fine craftsmanship being the main drawing point.

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